Crypto made simple - with your Swiss Crypto Investment Platform

What is is a crypto platform that simplifies investing in the best opportunities in the Crypto and especially in the DeFi space. We are building the bridge between the traditional and the decentralized financial sector, bringing together the best of both worlds. Our mission is to push crypto adoption forward by making crypto simple for everyday people.

The Platform is an easy to use all-in-one crypto platform. Starting with services like buy, sell and earn crypto currencies we want to make sure everybody has a good start in the world of crypto. From non-tech savvy till professional - everybody will understand and love
  • We help beginners to get into Crypto through our simple and intuitive user interface. If you are a beginner, make sure to check out our Beginners Guide.
  • We support simple fiat on-ramp methods like Twint(Switzerland only) and bank wire
  • We don't charge any fees for using our platform
  • We always find the best route to execute your orders through our smart trading engine
  • We are looking for the best earning opportunities on the market and combine them at one manageable place.
  • We increase the return for the investor by automatically reinvesting the generated profits (auto compounding).
  • We reward investors who recommend friends to (Affiliate system).
Conclusion: With, beginners and professional investors can enjoy the beauty of the crypto world in one safe place.

What is the token?

The Token ($DFCH) is the native multi-utility token of the platform. The token is used to upgrade your account loyalty level on our platform aswell as for decision making through decentralized governance.
You don't need DFCH to use our platform but by depositing it on our platform you can achieve better interest rates aswell as other benefits. So you can gain profits not only with earning, but also through the ownership of DFCH token! However, the DFCH token is subject to price fluctuations and the value can rise and fall.

How can I benefit from

The main benefit from using is that users can hold their crypto currencies in a safe place and in the same time earn compounding interest for it. Additionally there are no fees for using our platform.
We are bringing the flair of private banking into the crypto world by providing outstanding client service on all levels. Users can call us on every time of the day and will get help in no matter what topic.
Users can also benefit from the Affiliate System and earn money by referring investors.
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