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Learn more about the team behind and our company the Decentralized Finance AG. Read more about our motivation and why we teamed up to change the future of finance actively.

The company.

The company behind is called Decentralized Finance AG, a company limited by shares incorporated in Zug, Switzerland. Founded in the beginning of 2021 by a core team of real cryptonauts the Decentralized Finance AG focussed on making the vision of a Decentralized Savings Platform reality. Just half a year later the dream became reality and the first version of went online. While we are happy and proud about what we have achieved so far, we know that our way is still very long.
For the team it is very important to mention that the whole project is fully self-financed since the beginning - there are no venture capitalists or early investors involved which are trying to push us in a direction they would like. For us this was the only way to go because we really want to fullfill our mission without anybody influencing us from the side. Of course, for some of our team members this decision meant to go all-in on a uncertain future in a very volatil market but this makes also sure that everybody involved is working with his heart and soul for the project.
More infos about the Decentralized Finance AG can be found in Switzerlands public company register by clicking here.
Company name: Decentralized Finance AG Adress: Bahnhofstrasse 16, 6300 Zug Company type: Limited by shares Founded on: 24.02.2021 CEO: Michel Stutz E-mail: [email protected]
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