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What is the Decentralized Savings Platform?

The Decentralized Savings Platform is a safe way for users to get fair and insured interest for their crypto currencies. At, users can deposit crypto at any time to profit from a stable high interest rate. The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to make decentralized finance accessible to a wider audience. While interest is paid in real time, users can make a withdrawal at any time. The platform is designed to be simple as possible so that our clients don't need to be crypto professionals to use it.

How does work?

The ground-breaking difference between and other projects is that we have established a partnership with a Swiss bank which lends us stablecoins based on the size of our smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Once a user sends funds to our smart contract, we borrow the equivalent amount in US dollars of the deposit value in stablecoins from our Swiss partner bank. With the borrowed stablecoins, we generate the maximum yield for our users. All of this is fully automated without the possibility of human error.
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How can you pay so much interest for coins like ETH or WBTC?

Because we built the bridge between so-called ‘Old Finance’ and the decentralized finance sector, we can enable our users to profit from stablecoin interest rates even for coins like ETH and WBTC. That means that if a user deposits ETH to the value of 1000 USD into our smart contract, we borrow (for example, 1000 DAI) from our partner bank (the stablecoin which generates the most interest at that time) and use the borrowed stablecoin to generate interest for our users.

But how do you achieve such high interest rates even if you deal with stablecoins?

We have a lot of experience in the DeFi sector and have different partnerships upon which we can rely. We generate yield with different save strategies in a highly diversified manner. Our clients can sit back and enjoy an insured, stable interest rate. We use trusted centralized yield generating services as well as decentralized strategies to generate the maximum yield for our users. adds a lot of security for the users because the whole process of generating interest is insured from beginning to end. That means that, even if a centralized service used by the company faces any issues, the money of our users is fully insured and never at risk.

What happens to my coins after I sent them to

By Swiss law is not allowed to move users’ funds. That means all deposits stay in the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain until the user decides to withdraw them. Since we don't generate interest directly with a user’s money, there is also no need to move any funds. From the moment of deposit until the moment of withdrawal, the user’s money stays in our insured smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Is there a minimum or maximum deposit limit?

No, there is no minimum or maximum deposit limit. Users should keep in mind that every transaction on the Ethereum network incurs transaction fees which can be pretty high depending on the network congestion.

How can I withdraw my coins?

Head over to and connect your wallet. Users can make a withdrawal at any time by clicking on the ‘Unstake’ button in the ‘Withdraw’ tab. There is no minimum deposit duration. The withdrawal will include the initial deposit plus the generated interest.

After how long may I withdraw my coins?

There is no minimum deposit duration. Users can make a withdrawal whenever they want, even after only one block if they wish so.

How is the interest calculated?

Interest is fairly calculated and paid per block. That means from the first second after a user deposits money into our smart contract, they start to earn money directly. On the Ethereum blockchain, the estimated time between two blocks should be between 10 and 20 seconds.

Are there any fees for using the service?

No, at the moment there are no fees for using Users can deposit and withdraw money without any costs. The only cost our users have to pay is the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. We recommend sending transaction during times when the network is not very congested.

On which blockchain does run?

At the moment we run on the Ethereum blockchain but we are totally open about also running the platform on another blockchain in the future. We could adapt very quickly to other blockchains but, in our opinion, Ethereum is, at least at the moment, the only way to go. We will definitely keep an eye on how the space evolves in the future and, if needed, migrate to another blockchain.

My favourite coin is not supported by, how can we change that?

For, it is generally possible to integrate nearly all ERC20 tokens if there is demand from our users and we definitely want to support as many tokens as possible on our platform. If your favourite token is not currently supported by, tell the team behind your token to contact us and we will definitely check what is possible. Our users will, as always, have the decision-making power and will decide if we add a specific token or not by a governance vote.

Does have its own token?

Yes, has it's very own ERC20 token called token, or DFCH. Our token is a so-called governance token which is used to empower our users to decide about the future of our platform. Every decision regarding is handed over to our token holders who can then decide by voting.

What can the DFCH token be used for?

The token is a governance token which empowers our users to vote about the future of our project. Of course, our users will also be able to get interest for their token in the near future. To find out more about our token click the governance button on

Who is behind

We are Decentralized Finance AG, a crypto startup based in Zug, Switzerland. Founded in 2021 by a core team of true cryptonauts our vision is to make DeFi accessible to a wider audience. More information about our company can be found here: commercial register of Switzerland
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