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The token (DFCH) is the governance token backing the platform. Because we truly believe in decentralization, we want our users to take all the decisions regarding the future of


Name: (DFCH)

Supply: 1'000'000'000 / 1'000'000'000 tokens minted

Truly decentralized.

The token is our key to true decentralization by handing over decision-making power to the community. We ensure that the project's future is where the community wants it to be by offering proposals to share their ideas and let others vote on them.
The majority will take the decision just as in any democratic system and, because it is common practice in the crypto sphere for a few people to hold most of the token supply, it is difficult to have a fair vote. One token represents one vote; a large holder could decide the outcome. As a result, there is no founder token, company token, or anything like that because we want our token to be distributed as fairly as possible.
As much as we stay decentralized, we also comply with and respect Swiss laws and regulations. Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no clear guidelines on how decentralized governance can be used to make decisions for a company. users can determine from the start which direction the path will lead, but since we want to go the extra mile, we want to expand the possibilities for our users in the future.

Keeping it simple.

We've all heard about the recent crypto hacks and thefts, particularly in the DeFi sector. Because we know that smart contracts can have errors and flaws that go undetected for a long time, we want to do everything we can to ensure that this does not happen to our project. This is why we kept all of our smart contracts as simple as possible. Our focus was on the necessary functions and we avoided any abstract or complicated interactions. The users of can add all kinds of functionality to smart contracts, but we wanted to keep it simple from the start. Our main goal was to lay a solid foundation upon which to grow in the future.

A fair distribution.

We decided to try something different since we understand how hard it is to achieve a fair distribution of a new token. As mentioned above, there is no secret founder stash or any reserved tokens for the company or advisors. As we grow, we aim to increase the proportion of investors globally: from the true DeFi professionals to the newcomers in this space. The mission is to make it accessible to all, and we can only achieve this if we also reach non-crypto people. All (DFCH) tokens have been minted, and thus there can be no more minting in the future.
We will use the most known decentralized exchange and set up a liquidity pool to start the distribution process. There was no private sale, and nobody received our token at a discounted rate or anything else shady. Our project was 100% self-financed from the beginning, and we are delighted to have kept it that way. This allows us to make sure everybody who wants to be with us on this journey has the same starting conditions, and we hope we can keep the people away who just want to make a quick buck. The full token supply is available for the public to buy with the same conditions for everyone. We are looking for true believers like us who want to change the future of finance.
While we love decentralization, we are also realists; decentralized exchanges are still like rocket science for many people. We want to bring DeFi to the masses, but that also means making compromises. In our case, that compromise is called centralized exchanges.. Although our philosophy strongly believes in decentralisation, centralised exchanges enable us to reach a broader audience, and we are confident we will find the perfect partner in the centralized exchange landscape to help us on our journey.