Why is the best place to start with crypto? What makes it different?

One Click Earn

Great useability is's core value and it is our mission to make Crypto and DeFi in general as simple as possible. If you have used DeFi protocols before, you probably know how complicated the different investment processes can be.
On everyone is able to earn stable compounding interest on idle cryptocurrency holdings - just with a few clicks. Let us do the work, while you enjoy outstanding rewards.
Users just have to deposit funds on our platform and are directly generating interest!

Trading made simple

An important part of making crypto simple is keeping trading as simple as possible. Therefor we implemented a very user friendly Swap feature. In just two clicks users can exchange between two currencies without fees - simple and easy. Our smart trading engine will always find the best route to execute your order - no need for different exchange accounts anymore.

Prime Brokerage

Our team of experienced relationship managers will take care of all your needs. Larger orders you can discuss directly with us by phone or via e-mail. We act as Swiss-based single gateway to the most liquid exchanges worldwide. Trade worry-free while we maintain the close relation with various exchanges and OTC desks for you.

Traditional Finance Gateway

Since we are building the bridge between traditional and decentralized finance we of course support all kind of traditional deposit methods. From old school deposit methods like bank transfer or credit card we also support new tech like Twint(Switzerland). If users wish another way of depositing money on they can get in touch with their personal relationship manager to make it possible.

Auto Compounding

Every investor knows: the compound effect works wonders for the patient. re-invests your rewards on a daily basis for you. This not only saves our users lots of fees and makes them more money but also frees them of the hassle of manually doing it every day.

Affiliate System

It is our mission to bring Decentralized Finance to the masses. On our side, we try to make it as easy as it can be. But how does a technology spread the fastest? Through recommendations of friends! This is why we want to incentivise people to share the benefits of, by adding a small affiliate system.
You are able to refer friends and earn 1% interest on their deposits for a lifetime. (They get the same rewards, with- or without using a ref-link)