The future plans of

Phase 1: Platform Launch

  • Onboarding users on our new centralized platform
  • Implement simple fiat on-ramp
  • Implement account loyalty levels
  • Implement fiat off-ramp
  • Start the marketing campaign
  • Implement Swap function

Phase 2: Adoption phase

  • Enable fiat for swap function
  • Growing collateralized loan business
  • Enable NFT's as collateral
  • Enable fiat yield (CHF, EUR, USD)
  • Implement additional coins for trading/earning
  • Implement credit card on-ramp
  • Onboard with more central exchanges
  • Implement user-to-user withdrawals
  • Implement earn with NFT's
  • Implement support for other blockchains

Phase 3: Going worldwide

  • Start big marketing campaigns outside europe
  • Launch of mobile app (android / iOS)
  • Bank guarantee for client's funds
  • Implement leverage trading / futures
  • Launch of the first fully regulated and backed Swiss Franc stablecoin

Phase 4: The Endgame

  • Becoming the first fully regulated Swiss Crypto Exchange
  • Launch of the Academy(Beginner courses, trading courses)
  • Launch of the Debit / Credit Card
  • Partnership with different banks from traditional finance

Other stuff:

  • We want to educate people around the world about crypto and its opportunities
  • We want to establish strong partnerships between traditional and decentralized finance companies
  • We want to show traditional banks the benefits of the crypto world
  • We want to launch the first crypto credit card (spend while yield)
  • We want to combine everything in one simple to use platform
  • We want everyday people to earn money on