At launch only ETH will be enabled for deposits on the decentralized savings platform but shortly after WBTC and different stablecoins will follow. At stablecoins become superpowers.

Impossible interest rates.

It is common knowledge that, in the DeFi sector, it is possible to get very attractive interest rates for stablecoin deposits, even without much risk. At the interest rate for stablecoin deposits is 24%. Many of you will think that is impossible but it isn't!
At, we generate interest by using stablecoins - even if a user deposits for example ETH, we borrow stablecoins from our partner bank and use those stablecoins to generate interest. This workflow is unique and we are the first platform to offer this kind of interest generation to the public. We have something special to offer for all crypto holders, but what can we offer to the stablecoin holders out there?
We are lucky that in the banking industry there is a big difference between volatile and non-volatile assets - while cryptocurrencies like Ether or Bitcoin are volatile assets, stablecoins like USDC or DAI are non-volatile assets. Because they are pegged to the US Dollar volatility should be low: 1 USDC should always be 1 USD.
Banks’ views on loans vary depending upon the type of security somebody provides to get a loan. That means that the loan-to-value ratio for loans with a non-volatile security is higher compared to loans with a volatile security. In simpler terms: If the security is non-volatile, it's possible to borrow more money than with a volatile security.

Sometimes examples are easier.

Since theory sometimes is complicated let's go for a simple real-life scenario:
Depositing Crypto
Depositing Stablecoins
User A deposits 1 ETH on
At the time of writing 1 ETH is worth 3600 USD
User B deposits 3600 DAI on can borrow 3600 USD in stablecoins from it's partner bank can borrow 10'800 USD in stablecoins from it's partner bank
User A profits from 12% interest
User B profits from 24% interest
While stablecoin holders get a better interest rate, people who hold cryptocurrencies have the chance to profit twice if the price of the cryptos they hold rise.