Links Token

DFCH - The platform token of
Ticker: $DFCH Contract: 0xA92cDf011c895780733b2a6A6e15C4c1ed836148 Chain: Ethereum Blockchain / ERC20 Coingecko: Max total supply: 1'000'000'000

What is DFCH?

The token is the multi-utility and governance token of our platform. It gives its holders the power to decide about improvement proposals aswell as unlocking different benefits on our platform. While you don't need to hold $DFCH to use our platform, you will might need it to upgrade your account to a higher loyalty level which gives you better interest rates and other perks.

What can I do with DFCH?

  • Governance: vote on the future of our platform
  • Upgrade your account: use your DFCH to reach a higher loyalty level

How can I get DFCH?

DFCH can be aquired by:
  • Buying: You can just buy DFCH on an centralized exchange like Bittrex
  • Affiliate System: referring a friend who stakes on
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